Studies Performed with MSM Gel


Test 1
msm gel To determine the amount of MSM needed to produce a desired effect, a series of tests on healthy skin of human subjects were performed. Eleven separate compositions were formed containing different amounts of MSM. As a solvent, each composition included a liquid comprising equal amounts of water and ethanol. Compositions were applied daily to separate subjects. Softness and smoothness were improved after two to three weeks when a 1 to 5 % MSM solution was applied. Rapid improvement (within a week) in skin softness and smoothness were observed when the solution contained 5 or more % of MSM.

Test 2

A gel containing 6 % by weight MSM was applied to the skin of subjects having a variety of problem skin conditions. In none of these applications did the subjects experience instantaneous discomfort of the type frequently encountered when medical preparations were applied. In a number of instances the gel was soothing to the effected skin and provided a protective coating for the affected area.

Test 3
Fifty human subjects applied a gel containing 6 % by weight MSM to the skin of the right hand and right foot for three weeks twice daily. The subjects were requested to abstain from using other cosmetic preparations during the test period. After one week, the evaluators noted a substantial improvement in skin softness, smoothness and comfort. Seven of the subjects continued to apply the formulation for a second week. At the end of this period, further improvement in softness, smoothness and comfort were observed.

Test 4
MSM was added to hydrolyzed collagen representative of the collagen found in the external layer of the skin which hardens with dehydration. Five aqueous solutions of MSM were prepared containing 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 % by weight of MSM. Each of the solutions was heated and combined with a sample of modified collagen at a weight ratio of nine to one. Normally, collagen combined with heated water will swell and form chemical bonds (cross linking) to form a gel. However, no gelation occurred in the mixtures containing 8 to 10 weight percent of MSM solution.

Subjects applied a 6% by weight MSM gel a few minutes before shaving with a razor blade and using a commercial shaving cream. The application of the gel made for a more comfortable, smoother and cleaner shave than if the commercial shaving cream was used without the MSM gel. Another observation was, that the skin resistance and drag of the razor was reduced. When MSM gel was applied to the skin of the legs of several women, it was observed that leg hair could more easily be removed by shaving, even without applying a commercial shaving cream overcoat. In all instances, use of the formulation left the skin feeling softer and smoother.